Remember what the dormouse said
Feed your head, feed your head

White Rabbit, 1967

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In autumn 2000 I arrived in a small, rural town in the north of Luxembourg. I came to lead a creative workshop in an institution for mentally disabled people. I did not speak Luxembourgish and it took me a very long time to understand which people around me were „crazy“ or „normal“. (To this day it is not always easy for me). I was very impressed by this situation, and I found the resulting exchange extremely liberating. Since that moment I have been leading workshops in this institution on a regular basis, mostly as a duo with a second artist.

What is most important for me in the workshops is dialogue. Often with the unknown. Sometimes with someone who does not speak any of our languages and with whom you have to find a new level of communication : to express yourself together, to create together and above all to have fun together. I was shocked by the beauty that I found again and again during this work and so I began early to capture these moments with my camera.

I do not see any handicap in these pictures and no suffering but a lot of joy and fun and a kind of expression that touches me deeply. This collaboration has allowed me to rethink my own artistic stereotypes and I would be very happy if this work can open up access to people who have no contact with disability. In the foreground, however, is my respect for the beautiful people with whom I have been able to work over the last years.